Bike Mayhem

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Put your mountain bike tricks into practice with these tracks


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Bike Mayhem is a frenetic action-filled game where you get atop a mountain bike with the aim of showing off your skills. This game, which boasts very meticulous graphics, will raise your adrenaline levels in heart-stopping games.

The first thing to do in Bike Mayhem is to complete a tutorial to help you understand the gameplay. It's very important you know how to use all the controls, as the bike is balanced forward and backward in the jumps and you've got to know how to do the tricks to win the matches.

In Bike Mayhem you can enjoy the competition on 20 unique mountains and more than 100 different tracks. Plus you can upgrade your bike and customize it however you like.

In this adventure you don't compete against other users but against yourself, the clock, and gravity as you do tricks of all sorts that put your skills and ability to weather knocks and falls to the test. Create bonkers combos and enjoy your mountain bike in Bike Mayhem.